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Eugène Druet „Eva“ im Atelier Rodins in der Rue de l’Université (vor 1900), Abzug auf Chrombromsilbergelatinepapier, 39,7 x 29,6 cm Albertinum / Skulpturensammlung © SKD, Foto: Jürgen Lange

Auguste Rodin and Eugène Druet

From November 24, 2017 until March 4, 2018
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Dresden, Germany

From 1896 onwards, photography acquired a new significance for Rodin because following an exhibition in Geneva, he subsequently always displayed his sculptures along with photographs. The most important photographer for Rodin was Eugène Druet (1867–1916), who was not yet trained in this profession when he first met Rodin. Nevertheless, his photographs soon developed beyond pure documentation into photographs that presented Rodin‘s works in an innovative way and in various locations – in the studio, in exhibitions or outdoors.

The then director of the Skulpturensammlung, Georg Treu, purchased more than 40 photographs for the Museum in 1901. Since 2006 a selection of these photographs have again been on display alongside sculptures by Rodin – including “The Age of Bronze” (1877).

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